Chinese Vendors Online, Beware!

There has been a rise in Chinese Vendors selling Lace Wigs on the internet. They sell lace wigs at very low prices but buyers beware. Most of the wigs are not of high quality and if you have a problem with the lace front wig you have no recourse.

The Chinese vendor will always say you can return the lace wig and they will repair it, well, that is going to cost you a least $55 dollars just to send it back and then you have to wait about two months to get a lace wig back that may or may not be what you wanted

US Lace Wig Company have checked the vendors they use regularly. They use vendor from the US, India and China that they have build relationships with for over ten years.

We have heard horror stories about ladies purchasing full lace wigs and lace front wigs from china internet vendor and have not received their unit or received synthetic hair and not human hair.

Ladies please beware, what may seem like a deal may not be a deal. Stick with your USA lace wig vendors so you know what you are getting and have someone you can talk to if you have any issues.